Golden Starlight Bliss - Date TBC Venus

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Containing knowledge and light from Venus these essences bring you into contact with the light of Christ. They help you to unfold the creation levels of light in your heart chakra and strengthen the fire of love in your heart. With these essences it becomes easier to dive into the unity of fire, love and light; and out of this trinity, new creation begins.

On Venus, safely guarded in the great garden and its temples, there are highly developed light beings who embody, and thus contain, the starlight wisdom of the pure light of Christ ready for the reign of the heart chakra here on Earth.

The creation of light for the heart chakra of planets and stars is found here; and the all-pervasive power of love for creation. Unconditional love, the pure light of Christ and the fire of the heart are continuously streaming to Earth from this planet, at this time, to support and prepare her in her entirety; including human kind.

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Country of origin: UK