Golden Starlight Bliss - 01/10/2023 1pm Salerno

£150.00 GBP


Containing the light and creation information from the cosmic temple of unity these essences bring you into contact with the abundance of light, and your own origin. They support you to take part in creation from the level of unity and to manifest light on Earth. The lightness of your own being can be experienced with these essences.

Here we find the cosmic temple of unity and the original information of light, which is guarded and kept safe. The soul remembers its light ‘body’, its individual sounds, light colours, qualities and potential.

Manifold creation impulses and expressions of any form can be re-connected and integrated via Salerno. The ‘All is one’ can be experienced here. The light of Salerno connects with you with your own origin in order for you to achieve your goals and reach fulfilment

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Country of origin: UK