Golden Starlight Bliss - 05/11/2023 12pm Orion

£150.00 GBP


Opening the perception for starlight these essences bring you into contact with divine natural law, supporting its establishment so that everything is as it should be.

These essences grant access to the starlight worlds and re-connect you with the initiation cycles of Orion.

The planetary ring of Orion contains the complete records of divine natural law, of divine order and all creation. During our stay on Orion, the human soul goes through training to be able to lead a life according to these laws - the divine natural laws of the stars, planets, galaxies and universe.

Access to the complete starlight realm, and anything that has ever existed as a creation of light, and still exists and longs for creation, is kept on Orion; and here the perception for starlight, starlight worlds and higher levels of awareness can be opened up.

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Country of origin: UK