Golden Starlight Bliss - 03/09/2023 1pm Pleiades

£150.00 GBP


These strengthen the connection and direct communication with the light and creation cycles of the Pleiades, promoting a synchronisation between the Pleiades and Earth; and helping to establish new light networks.

They support the increase of vibration and the light ascension in the body, awakening new resonance levels for starlight; and bringing you into contact with the healing and creation knowledge of the light worlds. They stimulate the adaption of the physical body to the light body.

The Pleiades ar several hundred million years ahead in their development compared to ours. They are especially responsible for the light ascension of planets and in this case for the vibration increase and light creation on Earth. The origins for healing and teaching with light and energy, as well as the dreamtime level, begin here.

A synchronisation between the light levels of the Pleiades and our earthly structures is taking place. This started a while ago and the opportunities now are greater than ever before.

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Country of origin: UK