Golden Starlight Bliss - Date TBC Sirius

£150.00 GBP


Containing knowledge, cycles of light and levels of healing from Sirius; these strengthen the connection to your own light being, bringing higher frequencies of light into your chakras.

Sirius is a star system close to Earth that has been used, and still is used, as a gateway to the earthly system for light beings. Similar to Earth, there exists a rainbow cycle on Sirius, but the chakras vibrate in a higher frequency. It is a system, where light beings receive training before entering the creation of light in a dual system such as Earth.

Through Sirius the soul remembers its indigenous light and therefore can create its own expression on Earth. It is especially helpful in leaving the polarity, which is so widespread on Earth, in order to find solutions and to take one’s place in unity with creation.

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Country of origin: UK