A new creation flow emerges from the white-golden lotus.


New moon message 8.4.2024

A new flow of creation emerges from the white-golden lotus.


With the new moon cycle that begins on 8 April, a wonderful new flow of creation comes into the lives of all who are ready for it. This new flow of creation arises from the white-golden lotus, which is the lotus of the new time. It exists in the earth and carries the impulses of creation for the new age.

And in this time, seeds in the white-golden lotus are kissed awake by the light of heaven. They immediately begin to sprout, grow and blossom, stimulating new streams in the earth and on the earth's surface.

In perfect harmony of the white and golden light, projects that want to start now can be nourished and energised so that they fall on fertile ground.

For the individual beings, this new creation flow from the heavens and the white-golden lotus from the earth first flows through their own energy system and then touches previously untouched levels of potential in the chakras.

All this has the goal of a liberated new creation flow on earth, which has to do with the new solar year.

We are still in the initial phase of this solar year, in which the sun reigns with its golden light and the white light of origin.

New crystal levels for healing and for communication between all worlds are coming to life. Especially in the solar plexus chakra this stimulates a more liberated flow of life in which the light takes the lead. It is about awakening as a being of light, taking one's own place, joyfully co-creating on earth.

With the "Off to new shores" of the last moon cycle, all those who have said yes to this have arrived there. Now it is time to discover what the new shores hold.

All of this is supported, nourished and set in motion by the white-golden lotus. Now is the time to follow this new flow and not let anything or anyone stop you.

This wonderful light energy from the white-golden lotus in the earth can also begin to bubble up in places. These are places that have been prepared and are ready.

It is the time of awakening in the new light – already familiar and yet brand new.

We are blessed with this new flow that begins with this lunar cycle and will continue to flow unceasingly.

If you need support, look out for those who can give you guidance and healing with the white-golden lotus light.


Om Namah Shivaya