Heaven is within your reach. 


With this last new moon cycle in 2023 approaching Christmas time, heaven and all the worlds of light; the light beings, the angels are very close to all of us. That means heaven is within your reach. 

If you pay attention in the way of finding a quiet place, turning your awareness towards yourself and opening your heart for the light of love and inner communication, you can experience that your heaven and lightful companions; the members of your light family, the world of the angels, the starlight worlds, are always there. They are so close that when you reach out you can touch them. 

As 2023 is coming to an end during this last moon cycle starting on the 12th of the 12th month, heaven pours out all the light and healing energy that is still needed for the completion of this year. Just be open for the healing that is available for you. The starlight is joining in helping you to complete certain steps on your path, as well supporting the transition into the new year. So, take some time for yourself each day to withdraw your attention from the hectic outer worlds from all the to dos, must haves, want to experience and become quiet. Start to listen, start to feel the lightful presence around you. Open your inner eyes to see the beauty of the heavenly world. Allow yourself to be touched by the divine light by making new connections. And when your heaven is in reach, so are your unique qualities and potentials. 

Everything that helps you get into a stronger presence of love, everything you need to strengthen your permanent connection to your own divine guidance can be experienced. Let your heart be the compass helping you to reach your goals, helping you to focus on your own path and to establish a stronger realisation of who you are and what you are here for. Leave the illusions of being separated behind. Let the longing within your heart to experience oneness with the light from heaven be so strong that it serves like a magnet. And this magnetic field will attract everything from your heaven that is waiting for you in this period of time. We live in blessed times.  

Go for it. Don't allow anything or anyone to stop you from cultivating your vital and loving connection to heaven in your everyday life.  As we are approaching the new year, it's important to find a way of getting in touch with the new that’s awaiting you.  

Getting ready for the new, is a calling that comes with this new moon cycle starting on the 12th of December. The light from heaven prepares you to start the new year. It supports you to create a new foundation so that the dynamic forces that are coming our way no matter what, can be the wave taking you into new dimensions of your existence, opening new possibilities and opportunities in your life here on earth; Instead of these dynamic forces bringing so many turbulences and challenges into your life. 

Get ready for the new beginnings that are announcing themselves already at your doorstep. Let love be the ruling power in our lives, so that peace and happiness may reign. 


Om Namah Shivaya.