The freedom to be yourself and to live light is nourished and protected by Heaven & Earth.

The new moon on 9 February also marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year - the Year of the Dragon. 

This is reflected in the quality of this lunar cycle, which brings with it the quality that we all have the freedom to be ourselves and live our light. This is now being nurtured and protected by Heaven & Earth more than ever before. It is the natural consequence of the new levels of consciousness and the place that Earth took in the cosmic tapestry on the 21st of January. 

With this comes the wonderful invitation to live our true selves and our light on earth and to step into creation. This is supported, protected, and nourished by the forces of heaven and the light forces of earth. The golden light of heaven, the new levels of starlight, the new levels of knowledge and the cosmic awareness of the unity of creation are not only becoming perceptible but are beginning to flow to earth. It is up to us as incarnated beings of light to follow this invitation and joyfully make our contribution so that this can become a reality on earth.  

The earth, which has been giving birth to the new Christ light over a long period of time and the new Shakti forces of the earth are making the living of light and love possible in a new way.  

It is the combined power of heaven and earth that is available to us at all times. Regardless of what other polar forces on earth present to us, this is the reality. 

Now is the time to awaken to it more than ever. The freedom is already visible on the horizon. We can also smell it, hear it and feel it. Drop your anchor there. Let nothing and no one deny you this freedom, not even your own limitations, ideas or belief systems that are still dormant or active within you. 

This freedom is so boundless that it may seem frightening to some. You can be certain that this freedom will be realised in a natural flow in your own life. Open your heart and be receptive. Attune your senses to it. The subtle perception channels of sight, hearing, smell, feel and taste can be cleansed and re-aligned to your creation levels of light. 

The feminine creation power of heaven and earth nourishes all children and beings of light. 

It is in keeping with the evolution of Mother Earth and her new significant place in the cosmic tapestry that the forces of light now rule the earth, and all are evolving into the heart chakra age. 

Embrace freedom. Let yourself be accompanied and guided when you need it in your life. The infinite unconditional love of the Divine Mother, the blessing of heaven and the supportive power of your own light families are always there.  

Therefore, joyfully say yes to yourselves. Be ready to live your light and put it at the service of creation in order to happily contribute to the creation of the new golden age in harmony with creation. 

Find your own new position in the world. All that you are here for is nourished by the supporting forces of heaven and earth and is given a stronger manifestation power. 

We live in blessed times, even if they are challenging and demanding. 

Focus on the light forces within you and around you. Realise that everyone is welcome in the community of loving light beings for the Earth. 


Om Namah Shivaya