Golden Starlight Bliss - 05/05/2024 1pm Xerius

€178,95 EUR


These essences bring a stronger presence of light and love and help you to establish fields of light through which darkness can be transformed. They also promote higher awareness and perception training for the flow of energy and energy presence; and support energetic Feng Shui.

On Xerius is the main training place for all light warriors and light beings who are willing to take their place on Earth to establish the reign of the light. Here, trainings and initations take place in order to manifest light.

For the new time the alignment to the heart chakra, the pure love, devotion to the divine light and the divine task are being taught. From Xerius comes the power of light in abundance to release blocked structures, to transform darkness in light and to lay the ground for the new light creation that wants to take place on Earth.

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Country of origin: UK