Combined Shakti Spray

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Combined Shakti is a gift from the Divine Mother to the human kind and Earth. It especially supports one’s own female creational energy, which reaches down from Heaven down to Earth enabling new creation of light on Earth. It has been a long time since these female creational energies, Shakti, existed as pure light and expression on Earth. Due to the Dark Ages, the reign of darkness and patriarchal order, Shakti was opressed or non-existing. Now is the time for Shakti energies to take back their hereditary place on Earth.

Only when Shakti is flowing naturally and can exist as a natural expression of the Divine Mother on Earth, can a new balance between male and female energy be established. These pure Shakti energies support Earth in its birthing process of the pure light of Christ. They initiate the reign of the heart chakra on Earth. Combined Shakti supports the opening for this divine expression of female energy. It is especially helpful in allowing yourself into the stream of the Divine Mother and into the manifestation waves of the golden light. Resistances in your own energy system or in your physical body against this flow dissolve through Combined Shakti.

Combined Shakti strengthens the devotion to the Divine Mother and the pure divine light. Gentle yet powerful, it penetrates all existing structures. It helps to let go of the old and strengthens joy and happiness from within. Combined Shakti supports any manifestation process. Areas that couldn’t participate in creation until now become accessible through Combined Shakti and are integrated into your own flow of life. Combined Shakti incorporates the pure light of the ten white goddesses who abide on Earth as incarnated expressions of the Divine Mother.

Combined Shakti brings the united bundled power and support of these ten expressions and their manifold light aspects. Reconciliation, healing and transformation of all obsolete structures takes palce, which is coupled to the alignment and opening for the new. Any areas, where the female energy has faltered, where resistances have arisen, be it in the physical body, within the endocrine system, in the emotional implications or structures,

Combined Shakti brings the support that frees the soul from within and carries it through the transformation process. When using the spray in rooms, it promotes the flow of Shakti, the loving cooperation and communication between all of those using the room. It helps to change the energetical structure, the energy field of the room and increases the light vibration to encourage optimal light expression. In this way, rooms of wellbeing and harmony can be created. Workshops and seminars in which people work with light and want to strengthen individual Shakti flow, can be held more effortlessly using Combined Shakti. Combined Shakti frees and vitalises all flows of light and the flow in people, rooms and for Earth.

Combined Shakti is available as a spray.

每款精華液均有 10 毫升裝。


原料 :

酒精(24 vol.%)和星光振動。


每個噴霧有 30 毫升和 100 毫升兩種規格。

原料 :



我們的能量卡是根據 Syrina Merkel 的原畫印刷的。

提供 A5 規格明信片(約 20.7cm x 14.7cm);卡片的背面空白。