Protection Crystals

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Protection crystals create a particularly strong power field to prevent energy transmissions into your own aura and to stop others from draining your energy field.

Protection crystals are initiated by an Atlantis Crystal Healer so that they can unfold their potential to create a protection field.

They help you to be more aware of your own energy level and to keep it expanded. Protection crystals are very helpful for people who live or work in difficult circumstances and who are exposed to challenging situations or dissonant energy structures. Protection crystals help you to look after yourself and handle energies with more awareness.

They should be worn in the area of the heart chakra and cleansed regularly.


*For cleansing we recommend to order No.53 Xerana Cleanse spray.


為了清潔您的水晶,我們建議您訂購 53 號Xerana Cleanse噴霧劑。這對保護水晶尤為重要,因為它們需要經常、定期清潔。