Each month Deborah chooses a Starlight Essence that is especially supportive for the current time.This is an essence that you can use on a daily basis, even in addition to other essences or sprays that you may be using. 

JANUARY ESSENCE :  27 Causal Collapse

Sometimes you get into situations in your life where the karmic patterns are affecting you so deeply that you feel completely stuck. In these situations, Causal Collapse brings you back into alignment and helps you to find solutions and see the way forward. When you have lost your way, and nothing seems to be working this essence will touch you deep within your core, and the way forward will show itself. Causal Collapse clears the situations on the karmic level, and this then allows solutions to appear and manifest in the outer level. Causal Collapse strengthens your inner core of light. This essence dissolves dense and disturbing energy fields; you become aware of your own truth which brings clarity and focus back into your life. 




Step 1 Rub 3 drops of the essence into the hands and fan from above the head down to the root chakra and place 1 drop between the feet. Then guide the bottle with an outstretched arm from the front to each chakra (forehead to root chakra).

Step 2 Apply 1 drop to all chakras at the front and back from the root to the forehead chakra and 1 drop each to the lotus chakra, the shoulder points and the knees.

Step 3 Apply 1 drop to both thumbs and forefingers together and place the left on tailbone and the right on atlas until the spinal cord is flooded. Finally apply 2 drops to both hands and place them on your kidneys.


Alternative application with the spray bottle:

Step 1 Spray the essence twice with an outstretched arm above the head, then around the head, around the heart chakra and around the root chakra. Then spray it on the floor between your feet.

Step 2 Then spray the chakras at the front and back from the root chakra to the lotus chakra.