Welcome to starlight shopping

Starlight Bliss
for Your life and wellbeing


Welcome to Starlight Shopping

Lotus Bliss
for Your life and wellbeing

Deborah | MaRa | Senta

Essence of the Month

MAY 2023

72 Archangel Gabriel

This essence carries the light of Archangel
Gabriel. With its pure divine white light it helps you to release yourself from
all burdens and old attachments accumulated as a consequence of your separation
from the Divine; and it helps you to recognise that this separation only exists
in your mind and that it is possible to experience oneness again. Through the
light of divine grace you are carried through a process of purification and the
power of forgiveness is activated.


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(125) Starlight Lotus Bliss promotes the receptiveness for the new creation impulses and the light levels from the new DNA.

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(2) Blue Drop is calming and balancing. It provides a protective energetic space in which you can re-establish your equilibrium.

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The Starlight chakra essences & sprays carry the creation information of the seven chakras, bringing an increase of energy and a new balance. They provide all light frequencies for the seven main chakras.