Each month Deborah chooses a Starlight Essence that is especially supportive for the current time.This is an essence that you can use on a daily basis, even in addition to other essences or sprays that you may be using. 

JUNE ESSENCE : 62 Wisdom of Destiny


Wisdom of Destiny connects you with your soul path, your destination and your goals. It helps you to bring your divine guidance through making it easier to focus and align yourself. This essence helps you to no longer identify with the past by illuminating your path so that you can see ahead and move forward. Wisdom of Destiny allows access to all heavens and worlds, so that you can embrace your own life-task and your main incarnation goal. This essence now brings these clearly into focus that they may be acted upon.



Step 1 Hold the bottle above your head with an outstretched arm and then slowly bring it down to the lotus chakra and further down in front of the forehead, throat, heart and solar plexus chakras and make for each chakra a clockwise circle around the body.


Step 2 Apply 1 drop each to the solar plexus, heart, throat and forehead chakras; then draw a line upwards at the back of the neck with your index finger.


Step 3 Hold the bottle in front of the heart chakra and slowly move it forwards until the arm is stretched out. Repeat the same for the solar plexus chakra and then make a clockwise circle around the body at the same distance.


Step 4 Apply 1 drop each to the top of the head, feet, knees, root and navel chakra.


Step 5 Rub 3 drops into the hands and place on the kidneys and hold them for a while. Place the left hand on the navel chakra and the right hand on the heart chakra and hold them for a while. To finish you give 1 drop into your mouth or into a glass of water and drink it.