Each month Deborah chooses a Starlight Essence that is especially supportive for the current time.This is an essence that you can use on a daily basis, even in addition to other essences or sprays that you may be using. 

OCTOBER ESSENCE :  No. 97 Divine Delight

Divine Delight lets you experience the diversity of the divine creation impulses and the endless joy for the levels of light that enter creation. This essence lifts your vibration and re-connects you with your own origin allowing your aura to shine brightly. Divine Delight helps you to become aware your own place in heaven and to take it.
It brings you into harmony with your own light family; and it furthers the awareness of higher levels of light to bring them to Earth. Divine Delight strengthens the flow of communication between all worlds; and it helps you to experience yourself in unity with creation.




  1. Spray the essence with an outstretched arm from above the head downwards and on the front in front of each chakra down to the floor.
  2. Then spray it on the top of both feet, around the knees and clockwise around the body with the arm outstretched at heart chakra level.
  3. Then spray the essence into both palms and hold the hands open for a while with the meditation mudra (thumb and index finger together) ready to receive.
  1. Finally, spray from behind in front of your kidneys.