Each month Deborah chooses a Starlight Essence that is especially supportive for the current time.This is an essence that you can use on a daily basis, even in addition to other essences or sprays that you may be using. 



1. Hold the bottle above your head with your arm outstretched and then slowly bring it down astral (2-5cm) in front of your heart chakra, hold it for a moment and make a clockwise circle with it there.

2. Apply 1 drop each to the heart chakra and with the index finger on the back of the neck in a line from the bottom to the top (C7 - C1)

3. Apply 1 drop each to the lotus chakra, both feet, knees, root, navel, solar plexus, throat and forehead chakra and both shoulders.

4. Rub 3 drops in your hands and place them on both kidneys for a few moments, bring the hands forward and make a clockwise circle around your belly button 3 times with the flat of one hand.


5. Put 1 drop on your tongue or in a small glass of water.


    Deborah’s Starlight Essences® 


    54 Light of Xerius

    Light of Xerius connects instantly with the light of Xerius. It reminds you of
    the moment when you joyfully took on the task to serve the light.

    This essence will strengthen and uplift you if you feel powerless or if you have
    lost your connection as it activates your light code and reconnects you to
    the never-ending energy source of light.
    Light of Xerius brings a strengthening on all levels and reminds you of your
    own tasks. It brings you into contact with new forms of being a light
    warrior in which the love presence is so strong that anything that touches
    it is transformed instantly. Light of Xerius promotes unconditional focus on
    the light.