The magic of the white-golden lotus takes new forms.

It truly is a magical time. With the moon cycle beginning the 16th of August, entirely new forms of the magic of the white-golden lotus are being experienced. The white-golden lotus is the creation lotus of the new time. In it lie the creation levels and creation impulses for the new Golden Age.

Many of the new ways of healing that want to come to the earth can be contacted through the white-golden lotus in the earth. Some of it has already begun in the last few years and yet there is much more that may now come into creation.

From the magic of the white-golden lotus new forms of healing are born. It is healing that touches the beings in their core, that helps to recognise their divine potentials, to open them up and to bring them to unfold in their lives.

In the white-golden lotus of the new time lie answers to be able to create new balance; to be able to follow one's own creation flow full of joy and not to let oneself be distracted by the polar scenes that are taking place on earth right now.

The magic of the white-golden lotus can awaken new creation levels in all chakras. In the harmonious flow of the divine golden and white light, the manifestation of light takes its course.

The white-golden lotus of the Crystal Worlds holds powerful tools to bring the new flows of creation to life. Through this, the crystallisation of light can happen very easily and immediately takes on a stable form of light.

When you open your heart and go into contact with the white-golden lotus light, you can already perceive the small sparks that come with the magic of the white-golden lotus.

Everything is allowed to come into its natural balance. We all have the freedom of choice at all times to decide where to focus our attention and what energies to invite into our lives.

It is the time to choose wisely and not jump on every bandwagon that presents itself in enticing colours and energies. With the magic of white-golden lotus light, illusions and deceptions can be penetrated and flooded quite elegantly, allowing the truth behind them to emerge. No matter how nicely packaged things are presented, it is about recognising the true energy behind them.

The white-golden lotus connects with one's own creation flow in accordance with one's own natural law. The creation plan, which is the basis of one's own soul dream, can be experienced. This is the nurturing ground for the realisation of one's own soul dream and one's own visions.

The white-golden lotus serves to connect with and awaken in one's own creation plan so that the new creation of light can happen. These are blessed times. Be ready to go on new journeys of discovery that will help you find fulfilment.

The Divine Mother is pouring out her blessings. All who are ready need only open their hearts to receive. The magic of the white-golden lotus contains the grace of the Divine Mother. Through this, in contact with the pure white-golden lotus light, profound healing can occur on all levels.

Another aspect of the magic of the white-golden lotus is that it is nourishment for the seeds of light so that they can begin to grow and blossom within and then manifest on the outside.

Open yourselves to the energy of the white-golden lotus from the earth and from heaven. Allow yourself to be nourished and carried so that you can awaken more and more in your own being.


Om Namah Shivaya.

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