The grace of the Divine Mother flows into everything that opens itself to it.

 The grace of the Divine Mother is boundless. With this lunar cycle, she is pouring out more of this wonderful energy to all who are ready for it.

Unimaginable to our human consciousness and yet so real, the Divine Mother's grace can bring healing, awakening, transformation and inspiration to all who are open to it.

With the awakening of the feminine energy of creation on earth, the ground is now prepared for us to immerse ourselves more and more in the unity levels of the feminine power of creation, to be nourished by it and to awaken in it. The grace of the Divine Mother liberates from being enslaved, bound and oppressed in the old structures and patriarchal systems that have long ruled the earth.

Anyone who is ready to be touched by the pure Shakti energy of the Divine Mother can experience a new beginning, a rebirth of their own being on earth. Healing power in abundance, awakening to new dimensions of light and strengthening of feminine leadership flows into every open heart. It brings these gracious light frequencies of the Divine Mother into the entire energy system; into the chakras, into the body, wherever they are needed.

Wrapped and protected in the grace of the Divine Mother, your own light seeds are nourished and can blossom.

Liberation and strengthening of the navel chakra can happen in new depth. Healing for the inner heart, awakening the divine quality of love and the experience of being unconditionally accepted and loved are gifts from the Divine Mother during this time.

Making peace with the past, strengthening your life flow, inviting all that belongs to you is supported by the grace of the Divine Mother.

Her light of grace flows into your connection to earth and heaven.

Be ready beloved human children and children of light.

In oneness with the Divine Mother, miracles can happen.

All is one, protected in the infinite love and grace of the Divine Mother, who is the mother of all beings and worlds.

Take some time each day in this lunar cycle to connect with her. Place whatever expresses your connection and devotion to the Divine Mother on your altar. Or create a place of power dedicated to the Divine Mother that you can sit in.

Bow in all four directions, start with the west and sit in front of the altar or in your power place. Open yourself like an empty vessel that is being refilled.

This is the Divine Mother's gift to all.

Make conscious contact with her in every phase of the moon.

The gracious energy of the Divine Mother pours out through the moon and the black-golden ray.


Om Namah Shivaya