New Moon message 08/05/2024

New life is born in the black-golden light

The black-golden sun has risen and is radiating its supportive light for the new era. In this new moon cycle, the creation levels of the black-golden light are revealing themselves more and more. It is the harmonious combination of the black and golden light for the new time. The black original light of creation comes alive in unity with the golden light of heaven. The black-golden ray pours out more and more of the new impulses of creation.

This includes the life-giving forces of Mother Earth as an expression of the divine mother. New life is born. in its innermost core the new life carries unity with all that is. There is no more separation in it. This nucleus is innate in the seeds of light, which are now beginning to sprout, grow, blossom and bear fruit.

The prophecies are becoming reality.

Treasures can be recovered in the joint creative flow of black and gold. New consciousness awakens. The infinite grace of the divine mother frees the female power of creation from all shackles and bonds, so that the liberated Shakti not only awakens in her unbridled life force, but also takes her rightful place in the creation system of the earth.

The black-golden light gives calmful strength. Everything that is born from this source carries the promise of completeness. In it, everything is allowed to grow and flourish in peace. This new life is protected by the strong presence of light that accompanies the black-golden light.

The black-golden light creates a new foundation. Everything is nourished and loved in order to take on the form that suits everyone in its original power. This light helps to give birth within yourself to that which now wants to be lived on earth.

All beings who serve the light are nourished and protected by this original force of creation.

The black-golden light is in harmony with the rhythms and natural cycles of Mother Earth and the elements.

Like a chalice, the black-gold fertile soil opens up to receive the light of heaven anew and thereby enter into creation anew.

For some, the black-golden light may still be unfamiliar and unknown, as the resonances to it are buried deep within. These qualities of light have

not been experienced on earth for a long time and never before in this new form.

Open your hearts, your roots and your navel chakra to this nourishing and life-giving force. It will help you to arrive fully in your inner core, to harmoniously balance your system and to focus on yourself.

We live in blessed times.


Om Namah Shivaya