The consciousness of creation and light can be experienced in new dimensions.

A completely new cycle begins with this first new moon of the new year.

This new cycle is about the consciousness of creation and light, which can be experienced in completely new dimensions. It is part of the great change in the cosmic energy structure, where the earth is taking its new place. Prepared for a long time and accompanied by many labour pains, the earth is now ready for its new mission and for the new creation that will take place on earth from now on.

All of this lies beyond our existing earthly and human consciousness. And it requires great courage and the willingness to let go of everything that was previously considered reality in order to arrive at the new levels of consciousness.

The forces that try to prevent this have no chance. Everything is moving in great strides towards the collective, cosmic and global new beginning. The tide is turning.

The reign of light, which wants to be lived in harmony with love in the heart chakra age, can be experienced, seen and sensed by all. For some it may feel like a shattering in their own world, for others like the fulfilment of the longing to be able to live heaven on earth.

Whatever form this shift will take, or whatever outer forms it takes in your life, be ready. Connect more strongly than ever before with your spiritual guidance, your higher self, your heaven and let nothing get in the way.

Prepare the ground - where you are. Provide a good and perhaps new connection with the earth to experience her light, her nurturing power and her love at any time. So anchored, nourished and supported within yourself, you can open up to the new dimensions of consciousness. These overwrite old structures. If necessary, they are destroyed in order to build new ones. But if you open yourself to transformation with devotion, destruction does not even have to take place. Do not underestimate the transformative power of heaven and the grace of the Divine Mother.

Starlight prepares the way for all of this and creates the breeding ground; on a small and large scale; on the inside and on the outside.

Children of light awaken. Perceive your world in the new awakening. Join forces to achieve what is really important for you and your life. Open yourselves, sit down with open arms and ears and an open heart to experience the answer from your heaven. Light is being poured out in abundance. All worlds of light are ready to help and contribute.

Be ready to make your contribution as well. Awaken in the abundance of your light, in the love stream of your soul, in the free spirit of your being and in the eternal light of your origin.

Om Namah Shivaya.