The love stream of the Divine Mother heals the soul. 


With this special New Moon in October a very wonderful moon cycle starts, which is carried by the love stream of the Divine Mother.

The love stream of the Divine Mother carries infinite healing power. It touches the soul in its depth, in the experiences it has made on its path of development. Old wounds and deficits are healed and filled by the Divine Mother's love stream. This energy brings healing to all Mother issues. It is the Divine Mother's quality of love that can satisfy all the unfulfilled longings.

With the black-golden light and the white-golden light coming to earth through the respective rays, the unconditional love of the Divine Mother flows into everything.

It is the answer to the longing and prayers to experience healing. In the Year of Healing, this corresponds to the wonderful abundance of October; the energies of the heavens connect with the energy of the earth in the new flow. This brings healing of issues that have been lying dormant in the unconscious and have never been touched with light and love; as well as healing of the last layers where much healing has been allowed to happen in the past but the root has not yet been touched. Be receptive. Open yourselves like a blossom to the light in devotion to the Divine Mother, who in her unconditionality pours out this stream of love. It penetrates into the depths of the soul, into the depths of being, into the depths of the body - everywhere where the healing power of this love stream is needed.

It is the expression of the Divine Mother's grace that can now be strengthened and experienced everywhere. Take time regularly to pause for a moment and open to this healing flow. If you have an altar or a place where you meditate, open the gates of light in devotion to the Divine Mother. Place a flower on the altar as an expression of your love and devotion. And then open your heart and all your senses wide so that the Divine Mother's love stream can flow into you and your soul.

This is the gift of this new moon cycle. It is the time of new beginning, the turning point. The light and love power of the Divine Mother is so strong that it can easily flow through all the existing structures if we open ourselves to it. The key is to make yourself completely empty, like an empty vessel, ready to be filled -without imagination, without a wish list, without willpower. It is simply a matter of opening ourselves. All this strengthens self-love and appreciation for oneself.

The Divine Mother's love stream is carried by the black, golden and white light in order to be able to touch all aspects and areas of life. It flows with the black-golden and white-golden lotus light into the depths of your being and into your entire energy system. Wherever the soul needs healing, it is given. Old pain that the soul still carries dissolves when it is touched by the love stream.

These are blessed times. Be ready for the divine grace and the infinite love of the Divine Mother.


Om Namah Shivaya.