New Moon Message 15/09/2023


The creation light of heaven and earth gives new life.

Wonderful times of light are beginning. The creation light of heaven and the creation light of the earth combine in a new creation flow. This gives new life. It is the gift of Father Heaven and Mother Earth.

The new creation levels of Heaven for the Golden Age awaken the light of creation for the new age in the Earth. Earth has prepared long and well to give new life, new life that arises from the unity of Heaven and Earth. It springs from the love of the Divine Mother and the strength of the Divine Father in the unified stream of white-golden light, nurtured and guarded in the black-golden light.

These lively streams of creation unite in a new harmony. They give life that arises based on unity: unity with one's own source of creation, unity with the divine light, with the original source of all being. This awakens the memory of one's own origin and one's own light, which never has to go into a state of oblivion again.

The earth prepares the ground so that the seeds of light can sprout successfully. The fertiliser needed for this is the unconditional love and light of the heart chakra and the ever-conscious connecting with the creation light of heaven and earth. Together with one's own love, this nourishes the innate seeds of light. New life can arise.

The beings who are now attracted to incarnate come from unity. They are the golden children of light. Prepare a conscious and happy start into their earthly being for them, so that they can share their gifts of heaven right from the beginning.  So that they feel welcomed in love by their family, the earth and their environment into which they enter with their light.

These new creation flows of heaven and earth are accompanied by an infinite number of angels and light beings. They prepare the paths, protect the paths and help to awaken in one's own creation power.

Let go of the old ideas about life on earth and what it means to be incarnated as a light being. The light revolution has long since begun.

With this new moon cycle, the lively creation streams of heaven and earth are gaining much more strength. Prepare yourselves, be ready to receive. The creation light of heaven and earth is flowing through you, through your chakras, through your main light channel.

Give space to this new light so that you can be nourished on all levels and take new steps. Cast off the old layers and limitations. Move forward. This new creation flow carries you and takes you to exactly where it is right for you.

It is the renewal of the energy systems that already exist within you. Everyone who is ready is given the opportunity for a new start, for a new life that begins the moment you say yes and surrender to the creation flow of heaven and earth.

From the seeds within, new life arises in every being and in all places that are ready for it.


Om Namah Shivaya


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