Off to new shores. 


With the new moon cycle that begins on 10 March 2024, the strong ascending light force of the earth comes into the earthly and human energy system. 

This is accompanied by the wind of change, which flows strongly and continuously through the energy systems and brings everything to the surface so that it can be let go, released and transformed. With this comes the promise of being able to live your own light and soul qualities in a completely new and free way. 

We are heading for new shores, away from everything that is no longer useful. 

Be ready, have everything packed to set off for new shores. The wind of change will ensure that everything that is needed is set in motion. Even if the polar forces of Earth present a different show, follow this new flow that will take you where you belong. 

Your own light worlds, some of which you already know, appear in a new light. New areas are revealed that you have not yet discovered or have not yet opened the door to.  

Now is the time to bring your own soul seeds into fertile soil and nourish them so that they begin to grow and blossom. Everything that was not yet possible is now being welcomed to the earth. Mother Earth has already prepared the ground. Now it is up to each individual to do this for themselves in their own lives. 

Myriads of light sparks are not only beginning to appear in heaven, but are also becoming visible in our own energy system. A new synchronisation between body, mind and soul becomes possible. Heading for new shores also means consciously opening your own treasure chest and taking, sharing and using the gifts and tools that lie within.  

Through the new levels of consciousness that have been available since 21 January 2024, the levels of perception and light that correspond to these soul potentials and qualities will awaken in your own minds.  

It is a new beginning on all levels. The wind of change revitalises your own energy system and the energy flows in your body.  

Find the joy of discovery within you for your new shores. Be ready to let go of existing belief systems and imaginations. New ways want to emerge; the field wants to be replanted.  

The treasure chest of the soul awaits everyone who is ready to live joyfully their own abundance. 

Communication with all light worlds, starlight realms, universes and the heavens undergoes a change in the sense that it can happen much more directly.  

Invite the wind of change into all your chakras. It is the energetic spring cleaning of the moon cycle that begins now in March. 


Om Namah Shivaya.