The crystallisation of light takes on new forms.


This year is the year of big changes in a short time. With the new moon cycle, which begins on 6 June, the manifestation power of light increases manifold. The abundance of light is now becoming more and more perceptible. As light has taken over the leadership on earth, the manifestation process of light is also changing.

Light has always manifested itself on earth through crystallisation. Through crystallisation, light takes on a tangible and perceptible form.

The crystallisation of light began in the blossoming era of Atlantis and now the time is beginning where this is possible in a new form.

Mother Earth has prepared the ground. All light beings who serve the light have contributed to this. Through the new common creation flows of black, golden and white light, the pure light energies of heaven can crystallise from their liquid form directly on earth. What was previously unthinkable to achieve in a short time is now suddenly possible.

Free yourselves from the limited human vision, from the imprints of the past and from the influence of forces that want to prevent life in unity with creation.

Our time is now!

All light beings have followed God's call. They are taking part in the weaving of the new light matrix for the earth and in feeding in the light impulses from the original source of light that want to find expression on earth.

The awakening of the light in the crystal worlds is an essential part of this. Everything that was previously sealed is now becoming accessible again.

The creation levels of light from all worlds and from all heavens want to find their individual expressions on earth. Forms can emerge that have never been there before. The places that are already prepared for this will benefit from it. This will give the light an irrevocable presence.

Sacred places will emerge. Nature temples and landscape temples will want to be rebuilt or built from new. A form of light will then form there in direct correspondence to what already exists in heaven, in the light worlds or in other dimensions. Countless light beings are involved in making this a reality on earth.

All those who have access to the creation levels of the crystal worlds are called upon to take the lead and give everything a new start. The liquid crystals of the new dimension of Christ light give new healing methods and new communication systems.

The basis for this is access to natural law. This is the only way to break certain seals and open new levels of access. This serves to protect all children of light and all light beings who are on earth and also to protect the light seeds, which are now  starting to grow. 

New healing methods from the crystal worlds are beginning to be communicated.

The previously unimaginable can become reality in a short time. Find out your responsibilities and take part in the marvellous new creation flow of heaven and earth.

Unlimited possibilities are now coming into everyone's life.

The energy systems of people, places and the earth only need to become more permeable and receptive.

Everything is ready. It is up to us to participate and contribute.


Om Namah Shivaya.