Blue Drop Calming and Balancing Spray

Helping  to re-establish your equilibrium when you are overworked and living a busy life
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Blue Drop is the all-time best-seller of the complete Starlight Essences system. It has proven so popular because it is both calming and balancing. In the current time, when we are constantly faced with being overloaded in our everyday lives, it provides a protective, energetic space in which you can re-establish your equilibrium.

If you are in very difficult or stressful situations or are going through changes in your life, Blue Drop helps you to regain clarity. It smoothes the affected part or parts of the aura and calms all your energy bodies. It provides a cover of blue light so that you can still feel connected to yourself and stay centred.

Number 2 Blue Drop is one the foundation products whose goal is to grant overall support, promoting wellbeing and stimulating a natural flow of energy whilst supporting your connection with the spiritual world. This means anyone can use this essence to discover the benefits of spiritual healing for themselves. If you are feeling stressed by the pressures of modern life or you have recently received some shocking news, you can restore balance by harnessing the intrinsic power of this essence. Simply spray it above your head and chest area, or all around your body, to bring frequencies of the blue light. The vibration has the amazing effect of calming you down and enabling you to create your own space in which you can reflect and sort out your problems more easily.

Blue Drop works on the principles of resonance to restore natural equilibrium. It is a reminder for the system of how it wants to be. People often describe the immediate effects of Blue Drop, having used it for the first time. Life can seem extremely daunting and overwhelming at times, so introducing calming Blue Drop into your everyday routine can help to transform your outlook.

Every one of us will face various struggles throughout our lifetime. Whether you are worried about upcoming exams, a driving test or a job interview, Blue Drop can help you to navigate stressful times, enabling greater focus on the task in hand. 

Certain life events will unexpectedly kick you out of your centre. We all appreciate how a divorce, house move or new job might make us feel anxious or out of sync. When life gets tricky, you may benefit from a few extra drops of Blue Drop to provide much-needed relief.

Furthermore, life does not always go to plan. If you find the unimaginable happens to you - a sudden death in the family or an unfortunate accident - Blue Drop can offer essential support at a time when you need it most. You may experience difficulty in sleeping when things get tough, a spray of Blue Drop before bed will help to promote sleep, which is so important when you are taking every day one step at a time.

You can choose to use Blue Drop regularly or when you need an instant refresh. It is a fantastic product if you are seeking to recharge your batteries or manage your busy lifestyles more effortlessly.

More Information

The Spray can be sprayed into rooms and into the aura.

Each spray is available in 30ml and in 100ml.

Ingredients :

Pure water & starlight vibration.

Country of origin: UK