64 Goddess of Nature

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Goddess of Nature holds ancient knowledge of the cycles of nature and creation on Earth. In the times of Lemuria there were nature temples where the laws of Heaven and Earth were held. This is where souls passed through cycles of initiation to take their place as healers and priestesses of the Divine Mother or to walk the path of the shaman. This essence reconnects you with these initiations and awakens their memories in your soul; aligning yourself and your life with the laws of nature. Goddess of Nature carries deep devotion for Mother Earth; and supports her healing. It is helpful for energising or re-energising power places or healing areas in nature; and it is a wonderful essence for landscape healing and Feng Shui.

This essence deepens and expands our communication with elemental beings, nature spirits and the nature kingdoms and allows these worlds to become accessible to us; whilst also facilitating the communication between these realms and helping them to return to their natural harmony. Goddess of Nature supports solstices, equinoxes and nature rituals. It supports fertility on all levels.

New Levels 2012

Goddess of Nature brings you into contact with the new cycles for Earth; making it possible to dive into the new rhythm. It strengthens the female creation power and brings you into contact with the nature temples which are waiting to be re created. The harmony of all earthly creation aspects, which reflect in everything that exists, can be experienced through Goddess of Nature. The creational tools for this new time, as well as the light realms which are stored in Earth, can be accessed. Goddess of Nature promotes communication with all nature beings and kingdoms on Earth; and supports the worshipping of the Great Mother.


(64) Goddess of Nature is available as an essence and as an energy card.

More Information

The Essence can be applied on the body, in the energy bodies and brought into the aura.

Content : 10 ml

Ingredients :

Alcohol (24 vol.%) & starlight vibration

Country of origin: UK