Golden Starlight Bliss - 08/06/2024 1pm Sun

£150.00 GBP


Connecting you with the light of the sun these essences bring support for your path and for reaching your goals; they promote peace and help you to take your place in the divine plan; stimulating a joyful flow which helps you to live your potential.

The Sun carries the quality of inner and outer peace; and to be at peace with one’s self and the world can be experienced here. It represents the centre of our solar system and penetrates all shadows with its light; and it is here that manifold light information merges.

Here, the soul gains insights about its own evolutionary and developmental path as unaffected by time and space, the eternal aspects can be found and perceived. The wisdom of the light, the creation power of the fire and the golden light that wants to manifest itself on Earth, are kept here and sent forth.

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Country of origin: UK