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Crystal healing works on the principle that everything on earth was once crystalline, and the sunlight, the crystals, and the light from heaven worked harmoniously together to bring light to earth for healing and creation.

Protection crystals create a particularly strong power field to prevent energy transmissions into your own aura and to stop others from draining your energy field. By interacting with the body’s energy field in this way, balance and alignment can be restored, helping you to deal with other people, difficult situations, and everyday events in your life more easily. They enable you to be more aware of your own energy level and to therefore keep it expanded. 

If you have been recently diagnosed with an illness or are struggling with your neighbours or co-workers in your day-to-day life, protection crystals can be very helpful. They also assist those who live or work in unusual circumstances and are exposed to challenging situations or dissonant energy structures. By helping you to look after yourself and handle energies with more awareness, you can also bring balance to other people around you. 

Protection crystals are initiated by an Atlantis Crystal Healer so that they can unfold their potential to create a protection field, precisely perceiving what is needed to achieve this. Atlantis crystal healing can be used to remove emotional, mental and causal stagnation, so you can overcome problems in your life. Once the life energy starts flowing again, you will find it easier to cope with what is going on around you. 

Our beautiful protection crystals are available in a choice of nine crystals including Carnelian, Obsidian, Clear, Green Fluorite, Amethyst, Orange Calcite, Red Tiger's Eye, Rainbow Fluorite and Hawk's Eye. They should be worn in the area of the heart chakra and cleansed regularly.

For cleansing, we recommend you order No.53 Xerana Cleanse spray.

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For cleansing your crystals we recommend ordering No. 53 Xerana Cleanse spray. It is especially imprtant for the protection crystals as they require frequent, regular cleansing.

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