38 Sanefa

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Sanefa carries the healing information of Sirius. There are healing temples on Sirius where healing through light takes place and knowledge from different creation eras is guarded. This is where the initiations for the healers who work with the pure light of the origin take place.

Sanefa helps you to make contact with these light frequencies and to make this healing knowledge accessible again. It enhances the flow of light in order to be a pure healing channel. It supports any kind of energy healing.

Sanefa awakens the memory to heal light with light. Healing angels from Sirius support the rooms where this healing can take place.

Sanefa is helpful when establishing healing temples.

(38) Sanefa is available as an essence.
More Information

The Essence can be applied on the body, in the energy bodies and brought into the aura.

Content : 10 ml

Ingredients :

Alcohol (24 vol.%) & starlight vibration

Country of origin: UK