120 Sera Ma's Golden Red Light

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Sera Ma’s Golden-Red Light essence contains the original power of the earthly fire and the golden light of the Divine Mother. It reconciles you with the Earth and helps you accept the Earth as an expression of the Divine Mother. It brings release from occult energies that have developed through the use of magic on Earth and transforms them. It brings freedom from fire’s destructive energies and soothes you with the Golden-Red Light’s holy sounds. This essence supports you in living humbleness and devotion to the Great Mother.

Sera Ma’s Golden-Red Light Shakti Spray enhances the worshipping of the great mother and carries the creation levels of Earth as expressions of her. It deepens the praise of mother Earth and her manifold fruits and nourishing aspects; and strengthens access to the expression of Shakti, which is to be found deep in the core of the Earth fire.


(120) Sera Ma's Golden-Red Light is available as an essence and as a Shakti spray.

More Information

Each Essence is available in 10 ml.

The Essence can be applied on the body, in the energy bodies and brought into the aura.

Ingredients :

Alcohol (24 vol.%) & starlight vibration.

The Spray can be sprayed into rooms and into the aura.

Each spray is available in 30ml and in 100ml.

Ingredients :

Pure water & starlight vibration.

Energy Card
Some products come with an Energy Card. The Energy Card carries the energy of the corresponding essence and disperses its light into the room and the aura.

Our energy cards are printed from original paintings of Syrina Merkel.

Available as postcard in A5 format (approx. 20.7cm x 14.7cm); the back of the card is blank for your personal message.

Country of origin: UK