41 Serana

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Serana contains the completion levels of light from Sirius. Everything that we learn, experience and create as light beings on Sirius, can be contacted through Serana. It creates the connection to these completed light levels to be able to live them on Earth.

Serana enables you to get to all initiation places and temples that exist on Sirius and to connect with and access this holy wisdom. Here exists the knowledge for the new time in connection with the light worlds that existed in other creation eras and times. Serana enables you to make contact with God’s light realms which are wanting to manifest on Earth. Serana strengthens the communication and networks with the starlight worlds. It allows access to the parallel world and the light matrix that is formed by Sirius.

(41) Serana is available as an essence.
More Information

The Essence can be applied on the body, in the energy bodies and brought into the aura.

Content : 10 ml

Ingredients :

Alcohol (24 vol.%) & starlight vibration

Country of origin: UK