82 Window of Eternity

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Window of Eternity helps you to recognise when a time window has opened and helps to be able to connect with it bringing in guidance and support both, from the spiritual and the outer world into your life. In a very powerful way this essence enhances your inner knowing through your connection to the spiritual world and the higher realms; and for some it can bring about a profound and deep awakening.

Window of Eternity gives insights into your own greatness, your own path and your life goals. It brings a deep understanding of why certain things have to happen at certain times. For the major steps along your path there are always gateways or windows of time. Sometimes they will open more than once during your lifetime but often there will be only one opportunity for any given goal.

This essence helps you to recognise and be ready for a gateway that you may have been waiting for for a very long time so that when it does appear you will be able to take very clear steps and will not let anything stop you from reaching your ultimate goal.

(82) Window of Eternity is available as an essence.

More Information

The Essence can be applied on the body, in the energy bodies and brought into the aura.

Content : 10 ml

Ingredients :

Alcohol (24 vol.%) & starlight vibration

Country of origin: UK