57 Wisdom of Peace

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Wisdom of Peace reconnects you with the highest aspects of peace which are kept in the Sun. The Sun holds the quality of peace for each individual and universal peace for the Earth. In the centre of the Sun there are many training sites. Wisdom of Peace addresses the higher levels of the solar plexus, illuminating it from within. Taking this essence helps you to understand what it means to both experience peace and to be peace. It assists you in using the light of peace consciously for yourself and for others.

New Levels 2012

Wisdom of Peace brings you into contact with the golden light levels and the divine peace which is coming to Earth from Shambala. It contains original information of the golden city in a new form for the current times. On the Sun, the golden temple of Agni shines in complete form and it is here that the main cross-point is located, where all light information comes together, in order for it to come to Earth.

(57) Wisdom of Peace is available as an essence.
More Information

The Essence can be applied on the body, in the energy bodies and brought into the aura.

Content : 10 ml

Ingredients :

Alcohol (24 vol.%) & starlight vibration

Country of origin: UK