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(53) Xerana is available as an essence and two variations of a spray – Xerana Cleanse Spray and Xerana Feng Shui Spray.


Xerana Essence

Xerana essence transforms darkness into light wherever it is needed and frees your inner space for your own light. It is useful when you have absorbed energies from others or when you have unresolved karmic issues which show up in your energy field.

New Levels 2012

Xerana promotes transformation and cleansing on all levels helping you to leave behind anything that is old and incompatible. It strengthens the fire of love in your heart so that everything dissolves allowing the heart fire to burn more strongly. You can then be true to yourself and live your life with integrity.

Xerana Feng Shui Spray

Xerana Feng Shui Spray cleans stagnant energy from rooms, clears negative energy fields and creates a neutral atmosphere. Residues and old information, which have been left by others in the room, are instantly removed by the strong light-power of Xerana. It is especially suited for use in rooms where therapeutic work is undertaken but also for any place where people come together and disturbances may occur through different resonances.

Xerana Cleanse Spray
Xerana Cleanse Spray purifies items from old outdated and stuck energies.
It cleanses the things previously used by others and things that carry an energy that doesn’t suit you.
Xerana Cleanse is especially useful for stones and crystals as they take up
and store energies very easily.
It can be used at home and also in your professional environment to
cleanse e.g. massage benches, furniture.
Xerana Cleanse Spray is applied directly onto the item without holding it in
your hands.
More Information

Each Essence is available in 10 ml.

The Essence can be applied on the body, in the energy bodies and brought into the aura.

Ingredients :

Alcohol (24 vol.%) & starlight vibration.

The Spray can be sprayed into rooms and into the aura.

Each spray is available in 30ml and in 100ml.

Ingredients :

Pure water & starlight vibration.

Energy Card
Some products come with an Energy Card. The Energy Card carries the energy of the corresponding essence and disperses its light into the room and the aura.

Our energy cards are printed from original paintings of Syrina Merkel.

Available as postcard in A5 format (approx. 20.7cm x 14.7cm); the back of the card is blank for your personal message.

Country of origin: UK